Failure to Warn Might Get You Pwned: Vulnerability Disclosure and Products Liability in Software

"Which manufacturers have legal threats? Why can’t the consumer that bought defective product use legal system?" - @weldpond, Oct. 4, 2015

This talk will address the second question in that tweet, by exploring how product liability suits might help consumers who suffer harm from vulnerabilities in software that vendors are aware of but do not patch. It will discuss legal concepts but in a non-legalese manner, and explain how product liability suits might someday help protect consumers. (20 minute)

Wendy Knox Everette

Wendy spent 14 years working as a software engineer at, Google, and Meetup where she primarily worked on test automation and continuous deployment systems. She is currently a 3L at George Mason School of Law, where she is focusing on computer security as part of the National Security Law program.