Cyber Vulnerabilities of America's Pipeline Systems

Unknown to most people, America's pipeline systems are extremely vulnerable to cyber attacks. My talk is going to be on the cyber vulnerabilities of America's pipeline systems and how they are attacked. Pipelines are a major part of many people's lives and protecting them from cyber attack is important. I will also be discussing how pipelines have become more susceptible to cyber attacks over the years and the impact socially of what would happen to America. Also being discussed will be how to prevent these attacks, and what tools can be used to stop them. (20 minute)

Paul Vann

Paul Vann is a 9th grade student in Virginia, currently attending Governors school and was double promoted last year in his school district. He has been taking mathematics courses at MIT, via their online portal, and has self taught hisself Javascript programming language, Python, and HTML. He has always been interested in computers and ethical hacking, and gave a talk at DerbyCon this past summer on a Honey Pot he built and coded. He has also attended Schmoocon the past two years. He has fun testing with Kali Linux, and has learned most of the tools and programs run for ethical hacking.