Building Blocks: An Introduction to Security Analysis

There’s a mantra often repeated in the sports world: “Defense Wins Championships.” While there are no trophies to be won in cybersecurity for having a champion-caliber defense; to help build a strong defense it’s important to have a good, solid understanding of security analysis.

This workshop is designed for security analysts with less than three months' experience; or for those interested in a security career; who wish to fully immerse themselves in a mock-up of a SOC (Security Operations Center) environment and learn about various tools that are typically found in said environment, how to use them in a monitoring situation, how to use digital forensics when performing a security analysis, how to respond to a security incident; and why having a security audit plan as part of a defensive strategy is important. (8 hour training)

Kerry Hazelton

Alpha Geek. Gamer. Husband. Father. Cybersecurity enthusiast. While all these terms accurately describe Kerry, what motivates him the most is anything and everything involving cybersecurity. Whether it’s a new exploit, tool, news article, or an opportunity to learn or to share with others his experiences, he possesses and maintains a strong passion and devotion to the industry.

Having been involved in IT since 1998, Kerry chose to narrow his area of expertise over five years ago and sharpen his security skills by focusing on four key areas: digital forensics, incident response, security analysis, and security auditing. He is currently employed with DB Consulting Group, Inc. in Silver Spring, Maryland as a Computer Security Specialist; his prior positions have included Security Analyst and Remediation Security Specialist. Kerry is married to his wife of thirteen years, and has one child. In his spare time, if he’s not spending time with his wife; he’s either reading up on the latest trends in cybersecurity, playing games, putting together puzzles with his son, or teaching his son the art of hacking.