Attacking Automation: Hacking For The Next Fifty Years

Let’s face it, technology is moving along, almost too quickly. The next big thing is automation. Automation is expected to change the way the modern world works. We see changes happening around us; driverless vehicles, banking systems, healthcare systems, and now fast food is being automated. Sadly, many of these industries are poorly prepared for the challenges that lay ahead for them. In the end, the cat and mouse game of security and anti-security will continue. This talk will focus on the changing world and how those designing and implementing automated systems will need to adapt. Critical flaws will be found, but preparation will be the key to success and in some situations can mean the difference between life and death. (50 minute)

Mike Spaulding

As a well-seasoned professional with more than 20 years of experience in Cyber Security and 15 years as a senior security decision maker, Mike has seen it all. He is a respected IT/Security leader within organizations focused on building success by understanding the needs of both the external/internal customer and applying security in a manner that can fit within the organization. He has a strong technical background, combined with financial experience. He is often sought after to help rebuild and restructure security teams in order to bring a positive change within organizations. In his spare time, he helps organize the Columbus, Ohio BSides event and mentors younger security professionals through leadership and training.